10 Hottest Super-heroes in Cinema

Okay, lets be a little shallow and stop to admire the hottest Super-heroes brought to life by the magic of cinema.

1 - Chris Pratt (Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy)

Lets face it: Marvel got it right when chose this great comedian to play Starlord. It was risky, since the Guardians of the Galaxy was not the most known franchise in the comics for the studio to make a movie. However, GOTG became one of the most profitable movies in 2014.

2 - Chris Evans (Human Torch / Captain America in Fantastic Four / Avengers franchise)

We knew he could be a Super-hero in the Fantastic Four movies. When the franchise was cancelled by Fox, Evans was taken by Marvel Studios to play Captain America. Way to go, Marvel!

3 - Henry Cavill (Superman in The Man of Steel)

He's the most handsome actor to ever wear the suit of Superman. Also, Cavill is very talented and was helped by an amazing supporting cast.

4 - Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in X-Men franchise)

Dougray Scott almost became Wolverine (Yeah... Who's this?) but decided to join Mission Impossible instead. Hugh Jackman was a last minute casting, but nobody can imagine another actor playing the Canadian mutant.

5 - Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man in Avengers franchise)

Without Downey's charisma it is possible that Marvel Cinematic Universe could never go that far. Iron-Man paved the way to all the Marvel movies we love. Thanks to Jon Favreau, who, since the very beginning, wanted the actor. It was said Tom Cruise was the studio first option. Can you imagine that?

6 - Michael Fassbender (Magneto in X-Men Franchise)

I thought any actor cast to play a young Magneto would be in trouble! It was, after all, a younger version of the character flawlessly created by Sir Ian McKellen. However, Fassbender is that kind of actor so talented that when he's in action we pay no attention to anyone else.

7 - Jason Momoa (Conan in Conan, the Barbarian)

The idea was to create a new franchise for the Barbarian in the cinema. However, the bad script didn't attract a lot of moviegoers. But Jason Momoa will be seen next as Aquaman in the Justice League franchise.

8 - Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in X-Men Origins Wolverine)

I'm sorry Channing Tatum, but, physically speaking Kitsch was the perfect choice for Gambit. Unfortunately, X-men Origins Wolverine is everything we can hate about a Super-heroe movie. Best luck in the next project, Taylor.

9 - Chris Hemsworth (Thor in Avengers franchise)

Although not very talented, Hemsworth is perfect as Thor. His range of dramatic skills don't go that far, but, I think it's not what the character needs so far.

10 - Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Avengers Franchise)

A perfect cast choice. A villain that everyone loves! Specially because Hiddleston's talent created a Loki impossible to be hated or forgotten. I hope he comes back soon!!!

I hope you enjoy. Let me know what's the hottest Super-hero in your opinion ;-)

Bonus: Upcoming hot stuff

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver in Avengers franchise)

Paul Rudd (Ant-Man in Avengers franchise)

Ben Afflek (Batman in Batman vs Superman)

Jared Leto (The Joker in Suicide Squad)

Will Smith (Deadshot in Suicide Squad)

The redemption of Jennifer Aniston

The redemption of Jennifer Aniston


The awakening of an actress

Entertainment media seems to be surprised by Jennifer Aniston's Oscar snub. Critics say that, for her dramatic portrayal of a woman contemplating suicide in the movie 'Cake', Jennifer should definitely figure on the final list for Best Actress. I totally agree, but, you know what, why just now? Why does Jennifer need to be in a drama to have her potential as actress recognized?

Jennifer is known worldwide as Rachel Green, a character she played for ten years in the Sitcom Friends. We can say that, out of the main cast, she was the only one who managed to build a significant  career on the big screen. However, even taking chances in movies like 'The Object Of My Affection' and 'The Good Girl', it seems like Jennifer would feel more comfortable in comedies. She can easily portray the girl next door, the girl one would fall in love with, a psychopath, a housewife, and make you laugh. It's her gift. However, such a gift doesn't seem to be "appreciated" by the Academy, since it's far easier to get a nomination for a drama than for a comedy.

Jennifer, at least, is not alone in this boat. Just to name a few actresses (If I am to name actors, this entry would be huge!) that shone in comedies and deserved an Oscar  nomination: Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin for 'Big Business'; Whoopi Goldberg for 'Sister Act'; Nicole Kidman for 'To Die For'; Amy Adams for 'Enchanted'; Cameron Diaz for 'There's Something About Mary'; Nia Vardalos for 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'; Julia Roberts for 'Notting Hill'; Audrey Tautou for 'Amelie'... And so the list goes.

For being an actor for a short period of time in my life I can say something: It is far easier to be dramatic than to be comic. Comedy is about timing, about the intention, intonation and, more importantly, about charisma! That last ingredient  is the most difficult to achieve. I'm pretty sure you can think of a lot of actors who can't make comedy as you can think of a bunch of comical actors that would blow your mind in a dramatic perfomance. It is about time the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science recognize comedy perfomances. After all, more than 80 years after the first ceremony, keeping the same policy is a joke. A bad one, with no timing at all.

We can say that, with 'Cake', Jennifer redeems herself from the sin of being an awesome comedian; from being beautiful; from being the star of a well-succeeded sitcom. She finally has "proven" herself an actress!!! Because Hollywood can only accept you as a "real" actor if you can move the audience, if you can make them cry... Otherwise you're not an actor! You're just a comedian! You don't move anyone when you make people happy, or make them laugh... You're not an actor, my dear, I'm sorry to say that. You can maybe be a Chaplin, a Keaton, a Bryce... But an actor, only if you make them cry.

Never lose your accent

When dealing with students I witness the same discussions about accents. Everyone wants to have the perfect English, by trying to copy British or American accents. I know a few teachers who love to claim they have British or American English, when what they actually speak is UNIVERSAL English. Of course, they opt for either American or British WAYS of speaking. There’s nothing wrong about it. I just don’t see the pointing of losing your accent.

I see students in Brazil getting nervous before taking oral tests, too worried about their pronunciations to even enjoy the ride. For some people, learning a new language can be really painful because some institutions forget, or pretend not to see, that is possible to communicate even if you don’t have that perfect pronunciation. Some things will come in time.

I don’t know where this myth originated from but people tend to believe that Standard, or mainstream, English is non-accented.

First of all, unless you were born in an English speaking place or at least have been speaking only English for the last couple of years, you’re not going to speak it flawlessly. You may speak very good English (and by very good I mean grammar, constructions, real life use, etc…), but your accent is always going to be there. Which is awesome! Take into account that even inside every English speaking country they have several different accents among native speakers.

When I married an American, I thought about enrolling in an accent reduction course (I said reduction, not elimination!) but then a wise friend asked me why I would like to be like everyone else in The U.S. when I could be myself. And, she added, speaking good English and having an accent is perfect to initiate conversations, to make new friends… Besides, it is pretty sexy.

Understand me: One thing is not speaking English, trying to formulate sentences and having such a heavy accent. That’s what annoys people. Another thing is being able to communicate pretty well, to engage in conversations, having a good vocabulary range and keeping your accent. Your accent is part of who you are, your connection with your roots, with yourself, even though you are immerse in a different culture. It is nice to see someone with a nice accent, who knows the slangs, the dialects, the grammar rules, when to break them, how to deal with people… You’re not like anyone else, you’re unique.

So, when it comes to your accent, no matter what they say, stick to it, please. Never lose it.

And if a native speaker ever makes fun of your accent, you don’t have to feel down or ashamed. You look at him/her in the eye, very classy, and simply say: “Well, I have an accent, it’s true. At least I’m bilingual. Can I say the same about you?”

Believe me, someone who speaks more than one language would never make fun of your accent since he/she knows what is like to be in your shoes. ;-)

Disney songs you probably don't know (Or remember)


Just think about it and I’m pretty sure your mind went to the movies you enjoy and a few catchy songs popped up in your mind. Am I right?

There’s no problem to admit it, we are in a world surrounded by Disney products and even if you never watched one of there movies, if a certain song is playing you would know for sure where it belongs.

However, I’m not here to talk about Disney songs that are well known, but to talk about the ones you probably don’t remember (or know).

1. He Mele No (Lilo & Stich)
You don’t need to know anything about the movie, but as soon as you listen to it you know where it’s set. Its Hawaiian style is so beautiful and full of energy you just can’t take it out of your mind during the movie. At least until Winonna starts her ‘Burning Love’ cover.

2. Always know where you are (Treasure Planet)
Jim is a free-spirited young man and this song tells a lot about it. Unfortunately the commercial failure of the movie (I just can’t understand why) made its soundtrack one of the least known. The Goo Goo Dolls’ John Rzeznik did an excellent job with the songs he wrote for the movie. People should really give them a listen.

3. I won’t say I’m in love (Hercules)
Meg failed to become an official Disney Princess but at least her signature song is beautiful, showing the girl fighting to hide her feelings for Hercules. The guy was supposed to be just a job, but he was so pure Meg couldn’t help but falling.

4. Proud of your boy (Aladdin)
Let me say something: Disney producers, you were amazingly stupid for cutting this song from the movie. Alan Menken and late Howard Ashman made an incredible job with ‘Proud of Your Boy’, one of the only songs that have ever made me cry. It was shown on the DVD special edition and added to the Broadway production, where people could appreciate this masterpiece.

5. I’ll make a man out of you (Mulan)
While ‘Reflection’ is the most remembered song in Mulan, Li Shang’s act was left out of favorite lists. However, it's during this number that Mulan, disguised as Ping, becomes a real warrior, respected by everyone.

6. Just around the river bend (Pocahontas)
Pocahontas is really confused about her feelings when she performs this number, about a woman that doesn’t feel comfortable about being the same for her whole life.

7. Why should I worry? (Oliver & Company)
Billy Joel has a memorable performance as a wise street dog that’s got ‘street savoir-fare’.

8. He lives in you (The Lion King II)
The producers stupidity again! They cut this song from the original Lion King. This was supposed to be a number when Simba goes back home to have his kingdom back, after talking to Rafiki. They used the song in the sequel, however. The song was incorporated in the Broadway Production to correct the mistake. I just love Disney on Broadway!

9. God help the outcasts (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
This Esmeralda number hurts inside your heart. She’s is stuck inside the cathedral and even though she’s not catholic she feels moved by the image of Saint Mary as she asks God to help the ones in need, such as Quasimodo and her people.

10. Trashing the camp (Tarzan)
There are no lyrics for this song but the very melodic collaboration between Phil Collins and N’Sync makes this number impossible to resist.

11. Will the sun ever shine again? (Home on the range)
Another box-office flop that made its soundtrack almost unknown. This beautiful song about losing hope is fantastic.

12. Almost there (The Princess and the Frog)
I don’t know what’s the problem about Disney fans! They seem to ignore the existence of one of the best Disney Soundtracks ever! Tiana’s number about a girl who works hard to have her dreams come true is fantastic and Anika Noni Rose’s performance is flawless. Even though nominated for an Academy Award for best original song most people don’t know it.

13. On my way (Brother Bear)
Everything about this movie is very beautiful. The drawings are amazing and Disney’s second collaboration with Phil Collins is another success. The cub Koda sings this song when he established himself as Kenai’s sidekick.

These are some of the Disney songs that I love and, if you didn’t know them, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

The sexualization of James Franco

The sexualization of James Franco


An ordinary guy named James

“You should never meet your heroes” is a common saying in America. When I first moved to New York I told myself I wouldn’t be that kind of person who makes a big deal just because a celebrity crossed my path. I have this friend who looks as if he worked as paparazzo: Every time he sees a celebrity he runs after the person, asks for a picture and posts it on social media with subtitles that lead his family to believe he has some relationship with those famous people. Fans are, in general, like that.

I must say, I don’t have that kind of affection in general for celebrities. My kind of “celebrities” are comic book creators and writers. However, I admired two actors that are incredible at their crafts and also very attractive. I use to sexualize (I think that’s the perfect choice of word) Joseph Gordon Levitt and James Franco. I used to think both are ingenious, funny, witty and extremely sexy. Until I met James Franco.

James Franco caught my attention when playing James Dean in a TV movie. I loved JD and to see an actor playing him with such a talent and charisma made me “fall for him”. Understand, the guy is all over the media! He’s an actor, a poet, a writer, a director… He’s even a college teacher! And a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram character with thousands and thousands of followers, who get delighted with the sassy, funny and smart kind of persona he plays in the social media. I say he plays the persona, because it’s hard to believe James Franco is that person on a daily basis.

People who never watched any of his movies or read any of his works, follow James in the social medias and think he is incredible and extremely freaking sexy. I mean, they don’t care about the actor or the writer, they like the social media persona. Karina, a James Franco fan, went to his Broadway debut ‘Of mice and men’ twice. Both times she waited after the show to get autographs on her Playbills and pictures with the cast. The first time she said James was sweet, funny, took as many pictures as he could and enjoyed himself in the crowd. He even posted those moments on his social media. The second time, though, well, not that much of a fun person. “What was different?” I asked. “I think there were no press cameras around”, she said, kind of disappointed.

I decided not to jump into conclusions. I liked James a lot. ‘Actors anonymous’ is a very good novel and I had no reasons to believe he was other than the person I followed on Facebook. I knew he was going to be in the city around the time ‘The Interview’ was released and maybe I could go to the event. However, walking in Union Square, I saw he was signing copies of his new book, ‘Hollywood Dreaming’, at The Strand, my favorite bookstore. I decided to stay there, talk to him, take a picture, and, who knows, maybe a short interview for my blog.

Once in line, after purchasing the book, I was told I couldn’t speak to him too much and pictures wouldn’t be allowed. They gave me a piece of paper named FRANCO RULES in which people should follow specific rules for the “meet and greet”. On the piece of paper, James poses obnoxiously, holding a glass of whiskey in one hand while the other uses the index finger to say no. Had I known that before I would never spend my coins on that book, nor wait in very cold weather outside the store. I did it anyways.

The James Franco I saw was the one Karina told me about when there are no press cameras, or even his publicity cameras around. He was there, signing the books, rarely looking up at the people who went there. He smiled and said “Thank you”, I give him that. But was pretty much that. A girl in front of me in the line asked for a picture, he didn’t even answer. A Strand attendant pulled her away from the table, thanked her for going and nobody even looked at her again. I felt sorry. He signed my book, didn’t say anything when I said I really enjoyed ‘Palo Alto’, his other book turned into a movie recently, and smiled at me as I left. It was too late: James Franco magic was gone!

However, I must say, that was not his problem. That was my problem. I was the one who sexualized and idolized him, he didn’t ask for that. He is just a guy, a regular guy, named James who happens to be an actor and writer. We, in general, idolize people who couldn’t care less about us. They have their lives, they work, they pay their bills… Celebrities have no obligation to be in a good mood 24/7. YOU are not in a good mood 24/7. I am not in a good mood 24/7. But WE have to go to work, school, to talk to people… For more difficult it can be sometimes. And there are days we all think, “Gee, why did I leave bed at all? I want to come back and stay there for a while, without worrying about work and life and whatsoever!”. Well, celebrities feel the same.

“Oh, but he sells an image on social medias of a person he’s not!”. Well, my dear, I’m sorry to delivery the bad news, but so do we. We are not the people we show on social media. We are also narcissistic people who want attention, like he does. Social media is just smoke and mirrors, a reflection of what could be true at some moments but not at all moments. I’m a different person from what people see on my online profile. A Brazilian friend told me my life was very exciting because I lived in NYC, going to Broadway shows all the time, seeing amazing spots in the city every single day and having a lot of fun. Well, I said those things happen, but not all the time. Actually, most of the time I’m working or at home, but I don’t post those things. Social media is an inscape from the boredom that our lives can be sometimes. It’s a way to tell people we are better than they are or to cause envy or to be attractive to people you are interested in or to show people from your past you’re no longer that ugly duck. As I said before, smoke and mirrors. Nobody knows what lies beneath.

James Franco has all the right to be the person he wants to be. He is several characters inside the same James Franco: the actor, the funny man, the host, the writer, the producer, the poet, the lover, the polemicist... and If we think we should deny him those privileges because he’s a public figure, we should take a good look at ourselves.

I won’t say I stopped admiring James Franco. Not at all. For me he continues to be this charismatic amazing actor, but I don’t look at him as something more than that. He’s a guy well succeeded in his line of work and as ordinary as all of us. He’s going to be as any other celebrity I run into in New York. Nothing special. Nothing as special as Joseph Gordon Levitt, for example. Crap! I did it again! Why can’t we stop being like that?! ;-)

NYC scenes: Why don’t you move to L.A.?

Why don’t you move to L.A.?

         “So, why don’t you move to L.A.?”, Shelley asked me, lighting a cigarette in front of Latitude where we went for a few drinks after work, “I mean, fucking California it’s sunny most of the time, the men are half-naked, showing their goodies everywhere… NYC is done! This city is filthy! Filthy! Take a look around!”
      I did. 8th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen area, was not the most appealing view in Manhattan. Damn! It was past 1 a.m., almost December, and as cold as my father’s corpse and full of drunk people… How can it be a nice view?
     “When I came to New York, like, ten thousand years ago, actually eleven, this city was not like that. It’s a mess. It’s a fucking mess if you know what I mean. See the subway! Fucking MTA! The trains are always late! Always late!”
      I would say the subway system was one of the reasons I stayed here. You can go anywhere without a car. And lets face it having a car in New York is not an easy, or cheap, task! And no kidding although it works quite well, nothing in the world is 100% trustable.
      “You’re a fucking writer! A helluva writer! You can write anywhere! Anywhere! You don’t need to stay here! I don’t know why you don’t move to L.A.!”
      It was freezing outside the bar and I don’t even smoke, but for a reason I was there listening to Shelley bitching about the city I love. Why don’t I move? Why don’t I move at all? Gee, I wouldn’t know! I’m not a sun person if you ask me. I’m more of a snow person. I don’t need to see people half-naked. I have enough porn on my cell phone! I like the well-dressing spirit that comes with wintertime.
      “You came from Brazil, like, two years ago?”, Fuck! Why couldn’t she smoke in silence?, “And I don’t believe you still think this is exciting. I mean, New York is overrated! You pay thirteen hundred to live in a walk-in closet! And you have to share it with a weird Asian girl names Fon Lin you met on Craig’s list! How can a person be happy?!!!!”
      I know rent is a nightmare in Manhattan. But just for people who are stupid enough to dare to live on the island with no rich parents to cover their backs! I live in Astoria. I have four roomies, that’s true, but I don’t need to share my room with anyone. My own room, my own bed, more space than I need, and, best of all, very affordable.
     “And those people? And those people?!”, She said while a group of Mid-Easterns were coming up the avenue in a loud chat, “Everyone here seems to speak a billion languages but English! The woman in the bodega can’t even understand when I ask for a coffee! I mean, what is so difficult about the word ‘coffee’? I asked for a coffee just the other day, she smiled, as clueless as my ass, and gave me some cough drops!”
     Well, I think that what makes NYC so enchanting. The “spice” “this people” bring! Overall, Americans here are too bland and cold. It is good to have some heat coming around every now and then.
       “Oh, I just don’t get it. I know, I know, you’re going to say we have ten thousand museums, a million Broadway shows… As if you had time to go to this shit often!”
      “So, Shelley, you tell me. Why don’t you move to L.A.? You gave me several reasons for leaving, but you’re staying, even though your company can transfer you to the west coast if you ask for it. So, why don’t you move to L.A.?”
      “Are you fucking nuts?”, She flicked the cigarette butt on the sidewalk, “I’m all messed up, I could never live anywhere else! And, after all, I love New York. It’s the only real place in the world!”

       There you go, case closed. That was the only time we agreed all night. As we went back to the heater in the bar she started talking about how lame Revenge is turning in this fourth season. She was never going to be silent anyways.

New York, 13/12/2014

As melhores séries a estrear em 2014

Demorou um pouco, mas cá estou eu com o que mais gostei de assistir nessa temporada de séries aqui nos EUA. Infelizmente, o tempo é curto e não consigo assistir mais coisas... Afinal, não dá pra viver na frente da televisão... ;-) Assisti muita coisa que não gostei, mas não vou falar sobre isso aqui. Vamos ao que interessa!

___ American Horror Story: Freak Show___

Freak Show não poderia ser mais perturbador: A história de um circo de aberrações, pessoas deformadas que se apresentam para ganhar a vida com dignidade, que chega a uma pequena cidade ao mesmo tempo em que estranhos assassinatos estão acontecendo vai mexer com o espectador. Os crimes são cometidos por um estranho palhaço, mas parece que toda a atenção dos moradores se volta para a trupe que tem uma mulher barbada, um rapaz com mãos de lagosta, uma jovem nascida siamesa, entre outros párias da sociedade. As cenas de Freak Show, em principal o episódio duplo de Halloween, são desconcertantes... Assista por sua conta e risco.

___ Constantine ___

Outro herói da DC a ganhar uma série, Constantine é um investigador sobrenatural que tem como missão pessoal enfrentar os demônios que atormentam nosso mudo. Sim, é muito similar ao já conhecido e amado Supernatural, mas é um tanto quanto mais assustador e menos camp que a série dos irmãos Winchester.

___ Cristela ___

Cristela é um desses sitcoms de meia hora que faz rir sem forçar a barra. A comediante mexicana Cristela Alonzo criou essa série baseada em sua vida, seus problemas com sua mãe, morando de favor na casa do cunhado e um novo trabalho como estagiária de direito... Não tem como não gostar :-)

___ Flash ___

Um Spin-off planejado para o seriado Arrow, Flash acompanha a vida do jovem Barry Allen, um rapaz com um infância traumática que ganha supervelocidade após ser atingindo por um raio gerado por um acidente nos laboratórios Star. Agora, o novo herói tem que aprender a controlar suas habilidades enquanto continua a viver sua vida.

Quando eu soube que o mesmo acidente que lhe deu poderes daria poderes a outras pessoas também, eu achei que seria meio que um Smallville e tal... Mas ainda bem que não é. O elenco foi muito bem escalado e a séries garante bons momentos para os fãs... Ainda mais por estar inteiramente interligado com Arrow, o que permite que os personagens frequentem o universo um do outro. Não tem como não gostar.

___ Forever ___

Imagine você ter sido amaldiçoado com a vida e toda vez que você morrer, você simplesmente volta. Volta para a mesma vida, para o mesmo cotidiano... Apenas volta. Esse é o problema do Dr. Henry Morgan, um respeitado médico, atualmente trabalhando no necrotério central, que a todo custo tenta encontrar um maneira de morrer. Seu intelecto avançado, e sua vasta experiência de mais de 100 anos de vida, porém, lhe colocam no caminho da detetive Jo Martinez, a quem acaba ajudando no desvendar de vários homicídios complicados. 

Esse eu vi na estreia e não largo. Não tem nada demais, mas é gostoso de assistir, seja pelo roteiro inteligente, seja pelo humor...

___ Gotham ___

Gostei tanto dessa série que ela ganhou um post só dela. Veja aqui ;-)

___ Gracepoint ___

Um seriado em 10 episódios contando a história de um assassinato em uma cidade costeira, onde todos os moradores são suspeitos e cabe a um casal de investigadores descobrir quem. O divertido dessa série e eliminar suspeitos a cada episódio e criar novas evidências que levem até a revelação final do assassino.

____ How to get away with Murder ___

Vamos combinar, Shonda Rymes deve ser incrível até escrevendo bilhetinho pra professor do filho. A criadora de Grey's Anatomy e Scandal, seriados que prendem a atenção e são famosos por não ter momentos chatos, consegue aqui o mesmo nível. O show liderado pela atriz Viola Davis, como a professora de direito que leva um grupo de alunos a ajudá-la em seus casos enquanto ela mesmo luta com seus dramas pessoais é perfeita e sem defeitos. A trama do início das aulas é contada em flashback já que, no presente, esse mesmo grupo de cinco alunos selecionados por ela está envolvido em um brutal assassinato. Te deixa sem ar em cada episódio.

___ The mysteries of Laura ___

Debra Messing, do famoso Will & Grace, é uma policial que tenta ser bem sucedida em sua carreira enquanto enfrenta um divórcio, com seu capitão na polícia, e ainda tem uma dupla de pestes em casa que leva todos os professores a loucura. Laura, porém, consegue equilibrar a bagunça que é sua vida e, com muito bom humor, tenta desvendar os misteriosos crimes que são colocados em suas mãos.

É bem divertido e não tem aquele clima sério da maioria dos seriados policiais. Vale a pena assistir!

___ Selfie ___

Muita gente que está lendo isso aqui agora vai se identificar com a jovem Eliza, viciada em internet e redes sociais que não consegue largar seu telefone. Como toda viciada, ela é uma personagem na Internet, mas na vida real é bem vazia. Tanto que ela decide pedir ajuda a um colega de trabalho para ser uma pessoa melhor. Usando a premissa de My Fair Lady, onde um professor tentar transformar um vendedora de rua numa dama, a trama de Selfie não poderia jamais ser mais atual. Assistam!!!